Finally Recognizing the Photographers

News Photographers are the people that put TV in TV news, but they don't get much fanfare.

But one Orlando station is finally featuring one of their shooters in a promo. It only took 46 years.

WKMG has put a new spin on promotion by sending in cameraman Lorenzo "Tee" Taylor. He has worked at the CBS affiliate since 1970.

"Everybody knows Tee," said Orlando Sentinel photojournalist Joe Burbank. "He's a good guy, too."

The Orlando Sentinel writes that Taylor, 67, was the first African-American hired at Channel 6, and he has a style that defies the years. He spends his days out in the community, and he told WKMG General Manager Jeff Hoffman about the reaction to "Getting Results." 

"I was so surprised people on the street were not only repeating it to me, they were telling me how we needed something like that in local news and how they had started to watch because of it," Taylor said. "It felt good to be a part of something the community was getting behind."

Taylor said he's seen and heard it all in his many years at the station. "I haven't always gotten good feedback from the people on the streets," he said. "But now they were seeing what we we're doing, and they were thankful to know we have their back."

Hoffman recalled Taylor's reaction to Getting Results. "He said he felt proud to be working at Channel 6 again," Hoffman said. "I knew then that we had to tell his story on air."

So let that be a lesson to you Shooters out there. Suck up to the new boss, tell him his (consultants) idea is working and maybe after almost 50 years on the job, you will get a promo. 

Easy right?