Chicago Sports Anchor is M-I-A.... again

WMAQ Sports Anchor Mike Adamle has gone missing from the NBC O&O for the second time in 4 years. 

Adamle was last seen on the station's air about a month ago, when he hosted WMAQ's “Sports Sunday” on March 13th. 

The station is only saying that Adamle was “on personal leave” and was expected to return soon. 

Robert Feder reports that the former football star-turned-sportscaster has a history of epileptic seizures related to his time on the gridiron. It is believed his absence is connected to those issues.

In 2012 Adamle was out for two months with no explanation from NBC 5 other than that he was “taking some personal time.”

In 1986 — days before the Bears played in Super Bowl XX — Adamle walked out on his WLS-Channel 7 colleagues and didn’t return for three months. “I’m not embarrassed to admit I got psychiatric help,” he said on his return to the ABC-owned station.