TV News Anchors in Cars, Getting Lost

FTVLive favorite Lauren Sivan and her KTTV Co-Anchor Bob DeCastro did a Facebook Live which is actually worth watching. 

On a take of Jerry Seinfeld's 'Celebrities rinding in cars to get coffee', Sivan and DeCastro drive around LA and talk about different topics. 

Yesterday, Lauren talked about the lewd messages she gets on her social media accounts. Guys post things about what they would like to do to her and beg her to take off her clothes (Note: sorry about that Lauren, I won't ask again).

Sivan and DeCastro talk about why this doesn't happen to the male Anchors at the station?

Anyway, it is a fun watch as the two Anchors talked about being perv'd on by viewers.

Take a look:

Anchors in cars getting coffee-- Filthy fans !

Posted by Bob DeCastro on Tuesday, April 5, 2016