Industry Graphic Designer Dies

The co-founder of TVbD (Television by Design), one of the oldest graphic houses in the business, has died.  Jay Antzakas, the company's co-founder, was diagnosed with stave IV gastric cancer last December. He went through 2 rounds of chemo, but opted not to continue and passed away at Hospice Atlanta Center.

Antzakas began his career as a video editor at WTCG, which later became Super Station WTBS. in 1983, he left Turner Broadcasting System to start TVbD which was an early leader in the new field of motion graphic design. During his 30 years as president of TVbD, the company amassed a client list of over 100 TV stations and networks throughout North America.

The company's website has a cool 'timeline' outlining their evolution.

A complete obituary and suggestions for donations can be found by clicking this link.