Ripa Returns

It appears that Kelly Ripa's hissy fit is just about over as she is scheduled to return to her $57,000 a day job this morning. 

Michael Strahan might not want to go to the bathroom this morning, without informing Ripa first. 

Word is that Ripa and Strahan still haven't talked, but did exchange some text messages in a bid to clear the air ahead of her return to their show.

The raging Ripa has finally cooled down from her anger about being left in the dark about Strahan’s departure from “Live” after four years to join “Good Morning America” full-time.

Ripa had been furious that neither Strahan nor ABC execs had told her about the move until just before making it public. 

Still not sure what knowing any of this information sooner would have done, but reports say that the ABC suits told the prima-donna Ripa they were sorry. 

Page Six says that despite all the drama, Tuesday’s show will be broadcast live, and Kelly “is going to say what she wants to say. ABC will want to vet her comments, but there will be nothing scripted and no vetting. What she wants to say has not been submitted for approval.”

Anyway, it appears the Kelly Ripa sickout is over and the world is back rotating again.