Kelly Ripa Quit Pouting and Go Back to Work

Imagine you are at a job, you are paid $57 Thousand dollars everyday to do that job. Now, someone you work with decides he wants to move onto his next job. It's his life and he can do what he wants.

But, he never tells you about it, so you decide to have a hissy fit and stop coming to work. 

Welcome to the world of Kelly Ripa. 

Ripa is having a one person pity party because Michael Strahan, nor her bosses at ABC told her that Strahan was leaving the show (which by the way is still months away from happening).

Ripa has decided to keep cashing her checks, but no longer is showing up to work. The high priced host had her feelings hurt and has decided to stay home. 

FTVLive talked to a early 40's school teacher in Western New York, that doesn't feel the least bit of sympathy for Ripa or her fragile feelings. "She's paid a lot of money to sit there and talk, just do your job," the teacher says. 

What was supposed to be big news at ABC and Good Morning America has turned into a PR nightmare, because some ego driven talent wasn't told about her co-host new job. 

ABC doesn't deserve this and Ripa either needs to go back to work, quit or be suspended. She is paid very well to do the job, so do it.

The idea that Ripa's fragile ego is hurting the entire brand is mind blowing. 

The Daily Mail also reports that GMA host Lara Spencer is also "furious" with her bosses for hiring Strahan at GMA. 

"Alongside becoming a co-anchor Michael has basically been promised the 8am hour yet this was Lara's hour where she could do the softer celebrity segments that George and Robin don't want to do," one source tells the Daily Mail. 

Spencer says that she was "promised" the main Anchor role and now that is in jeopardy. 

Was it "promised" or is it in her contract? If it's in the contract, fine take ABC to court for breach. If it was just "promised" and you don't have it in writing, shut up and do your job. 

Also, since Strahan doesn't start his full time GMA gig for quite awhile, how does Spencer even know if it will affect her role in anyway. 

Kelly Ripa and Lara Spencer should be thankful for the jobs they have, the money their paid and act professional and do their jobs.

If you don't like it, I'm sure both of them know where the door is.