It appears that Kelly Ripa has decided to take her ball and go home.

Ripa was a no show on this morning's "Live with Kelly and Michael" supposedly because she was pissed that she knew nothing about Strahan leaving the show for a full time gig on GMA. 

CNN media critic Brian Stelter sides with Ripa and thinks that the Disney bosses did her wrong.

Ummmm.... last I knew Ripa has a contract and Disney signs her checks. Management makes the decisions as to who host the show and who doesn't. Does it say in Ripa's contract that she has to know what Strahan is doing at all times? I highly doubt it. 

Ripa can be pissed all she wants, but a true professional shows out to work either way. If she really did stage a sickout and she admits to it, ABC should doc her pay and suspend her.

You have a job, do it. 

Just because you were left out of the loop, doesn't give you the right to throw a hissy fit and not show up for work. 

I'm sure the person working two low paying jobs really feels for Ripa and her million dollar feelings being hurt. 

Maybe it's time for high priced talent to quit their whining and do the job they were paid. Full stop.