After the Buyouts....What's Next for the Tegna Stations?

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that Tegna was going to offer buyouts to some older staffers making the bigger salaries. 

A number of longtime Tegna employees took the company up on the offer and they are headed for the exit. So, the big question is what's next? 

Let's look at Tegna owned Take KVUE for example.

On April 22 (this Friday), the News Director, 6 pm Producer, Chief Meteorologist, and a number of engineers are leaving the station as part of the early retirement plan.

The station will also lose their Sales Manager, main male Anchor, and General Manager by the end of May.

Those are some very key positions that will need to be filled and filled fast. 

This scenario is being played out at Tegna stations across the country and the staffers still staying at those stations have no clue what is next? 

Tegna is expected to fill many of the jobs with younger and cheaper hires. Other jobs will never be filled and help trim the payroll. 

But, what is the end game here? 

Staffers tell FTVLive they have no clue as to what the company plans. Many worry that the buyouts will be followed with layoffs. 

The Tegna troops are in the dark and management isn't talking. 

You gotta love the communications business.