KC Traffic Reporter Pulls SEXY Video, Emails FTVLive

After FTVLive posted the story about KHSB Traffic Reporter Kacie McDonnell had uploaded a short video of her seductively sitting on an old abandon car with shirt unbuttoned quite aways, McDonnell pulled the video and left many guys, sitting in their mom's basement very sad. 

McDonnell also emailed FTVLive to take issue with our stories about her. 

We wrote in this morning's story that McDonnell had left her job at Fox Philly, fell in love with Kansas City Chiefs NFL quarterback Aaron Murray. We pointed out that the relationship ended when Murray called off the engagement.

In an email Today to FTVLive,  McDonnell asks, "Do you have confirmation RE: who called off my engagement?"

Well in fact, Kacie we do.

According to this story in the Philadelphia Daily News, McDonnell told Reporter Molly Eichel this, "I'm loving my career in Kansas City," McDonnell told me, confirming that Murray ended their engagement."

So, since you said it Kacie, that's where we got the information from. 

McDonnell then writes in the email to FTVLive, "Noting that I landed a job after I "hooked up" with my boyfriend of a year is false information."

We never said that you landed a job after hooking up with your new boyfriend Kacie. Read the story again dear and you will see that. 

McDonnell finishes her email to FTVLive with this, "There are several pieces of false information, clear disdain and propaganda at play. Please remove the article. Thanks."

Propaganda?! What the hell? Not even sure what that means. As for "disdain" we have none. We loved the video, we didn't quite get what is was about or why you did it, but we loved it. 

We wish Kacie McDonnell the best of luck in her career, her weird music videos in which she doesn't dance or sing and best of luck in her love life with which ever pro athlete she is with at the time.