Erin Andrews' Stalker Living in His Dad's Basement

When the jury awarded Sportscaster Erin Andrews $55 million bucks, $28 million are supposed to come from the creep that shot the peephole video.

The jury says that stalker Michael Barrett now owes Andrews $28 million, but it is not very likely that Andrews will get much of anything out of Barrett. 

“He can’t afford $100, let alone $28 million,” Barrett’s father, Francis, said at his Portland, Ore., home Tuesday. “If he could, he wouldn’t be living in my basement.”

The broke Barrett is well aware he “screwed up his life,” the dad said.

“It’s an awful thing, and he knows it,” Francis Barrett said.

Page Six says that the convicted peeper, who spent 2¹/₂ years in prison for stalking Andrews, typically goes to work as a truck driver at a meat packing plant in Portland everyday, but on Tuesday he hid out in his dad’s basement.

Barrett, 54, was released from federal prison in 2012, and filed for bankruptcy the same year, listing $3,000 in assets, including clothing, golf clubs and a 1995 Toyota Avalon, records show. He was $159,891 in debt.

It remains to be seen how much Andrews will be able to collect.

Manhattan lawyer Susan Karten said there’s “no question” the Nashville Marriott will appeal — and the appellate court could cap the damages.

“Most likely there’s going to be nothing there [from Barrett],” said Karten, who has no connection to the case. “You can always garnish a salary with a judgment, but how much could that be?

Meanwhile, one of the jurors, Terry Applegate, told The Post, “We needed to come to a figure that would impact Erin’s situation and her eight years of dealing with this, as well as impact the hotel itself and the hotel industry so that they recognize the severity of what occurred.”