WXIA Says Wxman was not Fired, Despite the fact that NO ONE Said He Was

This morning FTVLive, FTVLive posted a story that came from the blog Atlanta TV Talk.

In a story titled "What's up with Atlanta Weatherman?" FTVLive wrote: 

"It appears that WXIA in Atlanta has pulled the bio of Chief Meteorologist Chris Holcomb from the station's website. 

Also, earlier this month the station posted a job opening for a meteorologist.

Yet, Holcomb is still on the air and still active on social media. So what gives?"

Neither FTVLive nor Atlanta TV Talk said that Holcomb was fired or laid off or anything like that. 

Yet, for some reason WXIA management can't read, or can not comprehend the story. 

WXIA then Tweeted FTVLive: 

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.49.24 PM.png

Who said Holcomb was fired?

Certainly it wasn't us.

WXIA then posted to their website a story saying that Chris Holcomb was "so not fired." Despite the fact that NO ONE said he was. They added the line in the story, "If they'd taken the time to call any of the management at 11Alive, or Holcomb himself, the author of that silly little rumor would have found the truth: We love Chris Holcomb."

Not sure how many managers are in the station at 4:30AM when FTVLive was writing the story and the fact that we know WXIA News Director Jennifer Rigby well enough to know she would never call us back, we did not bother to call. 

But, then again why would we? We NEVER said Holcomb was fired. We said that his bio was missing from the website, which it was. WXIA blamed it on their CMS, which is an excuse that TV  stations use all the time. 

So, to report WXIA says that Chief Meteorologist Chris Holcomb has not been fired, despite the fact that NO ONE ever said he was.