Working at The Firm (AKA Fox O&O) Updated


Many that thought they were taking their dream job at a Fox O&O, were sad to see a company that lives in paranoia and watches over their staff like hawks.

After our story we heard from a number of current and former staffers saying how much they appreciated the story. 

A former Fox O&O news manager that called our story "on target" said, "I was once told that IT has set up the email system to outgoing emails to certain addresses were flagged..."

The manager also says, I remember there was a concern about a media leak and they pulled all of the phone records."

A former Fox O&O Anchor that now works at a station across the street said, " was a nightmare the last couple of years."

A Producer tells us about being called into the "corner office" and asked about a story posted on FTVLive and says he was basically accused of leaking it. 

It's amazing that a company that runs news departments that rely on people speaking to them, rules their own staff with a iron fist. 

The analogy between the Fox O&O's and the Tom Cruise movie the Firm are very similar. The only difference is that in the Firm, staff is killed for not towing the line.

As far as we know, Fox hasn't killed any of their staffers.

We think....

Update: Shortly after we uploaded this story, something went crazy to the FTVLive site. The site was locked to readers and required a password to get in. FTVLive was able to figure out a fix, but we have to wonder, did the Firm have a part in this?