Why Do You Do This?

FTVLive spent the first 8 years of our TV career as a Photographer (you know when the gear weighed as much as small person).

We covered thousands of stories and drove the news car and live truck to scene after scene. NOT ONCE did we ever park in a handicap parking spot.

I might have walked quite aways carrying a ton of gear, but I never even thought about parking in a place that is reserved for people less fortunate than me.

Now, it seems, news crews don't bat an eye into pulling into these spots and screw the people that really need them.

A viewer snapped this picture of a WDJT (Milwaukee) live truck parked front and center in a handicap parking spot. 

Whoever did this be lucky I'm not your News Director, because I can promise you, you would have had some days off without pay.

Not sure when news crews started thinking it was OK to pull the news vehicle into a handicap parking spot, but I can tell you it's not cool.

That's my rant for the day.

I'm Out!