Bill O'Reilly Says Univision Can't Fairly Cover Trump

Fox News Anchor Billy O'Reilly says that Univision can not cover Donald Trump fairly. Wow! Talk about the pot and the kettle.

O'Reilly made the claim to Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos. Ramos has called Trump out as a racist.

"If you, the top guy, has demonized [Trump] as a racist, how can you possibly cover him?" the Fox News host asked Ramos in his show last night.

"I think as a journalist you have to take a stand when it comes to racism," countered Ramos.

"How you can cover him, Jorge?" O'Reilly persisted. 

"Corruption, public life, dictatorship, and human rights -- if you don't take a stand in those instances, then what's our goal as journalists?" Ramos responded.

Of course using O'Reilly's analogy, the same could be said for Fox News. O'Reilly is very pro Trump and if he is Fox News "top guy" as he puts it to Ramos, than how can FNC cover Trump fairly?

Ramos called out Bill O on his fawning coverage of Trump,  "I think you have to be tougher on Donald Trump," Ramos said. "You haven't been tough on him."

Then again, forget O'Reilly show if you want fair and balanced, just tune into Sean Hannity. 

OK......maybe not.