That's the Wrong Raleigh

WMC was doing a story on the Raleigh neighborhood in Memphis that is considering to arm citizens to help deter crime.

Of course when the map came up on the screen to show the Raleigh neighborhood, you know what happened.

WMC showed a map of Raleigh, NC and not the Raleigh in their viewing area.

This is one of the pitfalls of Producers creating their own map graphics (and obviously not checking them). This is now the third or fourth geography glitch WMC has made on air recently. 

The system is Google-based, you have to specify the city and state or it will pick the most common place associated with that name. In this case, the 6pm newscast led with a map of Raleigh, North Carolina instead of the Raleigh neighborhood of Memphis.

And they watched their news credibility go right out the window with viewers.