Well Would You Look at That....

Will Thomas, who claimed that he was off the air at Fox O&O WTTG in Washington, DC because he was sick and no other reason, now has decided to leave the station after 19 years. 

Yesterday, FTVLive reported that sources said Thomas was not on air, due to a dispute with Fox management. 

Thomas claimed the reason was he was sick for the past 5+ weeks.

This morning, FTVLive posted a letter from Thomas's lawyer Jason Zuckerman, who claimed in his letter that our story was "untrue".

Zuckerman demanded we take down the FTVLive story, because it was not true.

A check of Zuckerman's website states that his law firm, that represents whistleblowers nationwide and litigates employment-related disputes on behalf of employees in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

Which we have to wonder why Thomas, who was just sick and not in his dispute with his employers, needed to have an employment attorney? Seems odd, don't you think?

Anyway, now after 19 years with the station, Thomas has decided to leave the station. He rose from his sick bed to release this statement, “After 19 years at Fox 5, I have decided to start the next chapter of my professional life.” “It’s been an exciting ride and a privilege to be on Fox 5 that long. I’m looking forward to new challenges and new experiences.”

As for WTTG, they also released a statement, saying that “Will Thomas has demonstrated outstanding journalism and a terrific connection with the DC audience during his 19 years on-air with Fox 5 News,” said vp and GM Patrick Paolini. “Will has decided to enter the next chapter of his career, and we wish him the best of luck.”

It's almost as if the two sides entered in some separation agreement that is often seen in TV news. You know the kind where both sides agree not to say disparaging remarks about each other? But, since Thomas has been home sick for over a month, there is no way that is the case here. 

As Thomas, "starts the next chapter of his professional life,” let's first hope that he puts his health before all else.  There is nothing more important than your health.