Trump Says Reporter "Made Up" Story of Being Manhandled by his Campaign Manager

Breitbart news has been one of Trump's biggest supporters in the media, just behind Joe Scarbough and Jeff Zucker.

So, when Breitbart Reporter Michelle Fields accused Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of grabbing her so hard she was left bruised, there seemed to be no reason not to believe her. She even had a bruise on her arm after the incident. 

 Fields is basically working on team Trump, so if she said she was grabbed, she was grabbed. Her story was backed up byWashington Post Reporter Ben Terris to boot.

So what did Trump have to say on the matter of his campaign manager roughing up a Reporter? 

 “Perhaps she made the story up,” Trump told CNN’s Dylan Byers. “I think that’s what happened.”

Early this morning, Lewandowski jumped on Twitter to weigh in on the matter as well.

So, Fields faked injury and claimed that it was Trump's people....why? 

Imagine what will happen when Trump becomes President.

Just saying....