DC Anchor's Lawyer Contacts FTVLive

Yesterday, FTVLive posted a story, reporting that WTTG Anchor Will Thomas has been off the air since early February.

Sources told FTVLive that Thomas has been off the air, because of some dispute with the station after losing his Anchor duties on the 11PM broadcast. 

Thomas claims on social media, the reason he is off the air is because he is sick. 

After we posted the story, this morning we wake up to a letter from Thomas's Lawyer saying that FTVLive claimed that, "Thomas has been untruthful regarding his absence from work."

To be clear, we did not say that.

We said that sources claim he is off the air in a dispute about his duties at the station. Thomas says he's off the air because he is sick. We just presented both sides of the story. 

FTVLive never claimed that he is not sick.

His lawyer claims that the reason Thomas is missing work, is because his client Will Thomas is sick. It has nothing to do with the fact that he was pulled from the broadcast.

It appears our sources are dead wrong on the story and Thomas is sick and that is the ONLY reason he is not at work. 

The lawyer demands that FTVLive remove the story from our site or that Mr. Thomas, "Will consider taking legal action" against FTVLive. 

Now, normally FTVLive would not head the threats of some lawyer for a public figure that felt we were trying to hurt his feelings. 

But in this case, FTVLive has now removed the story as requested by Thomas's lawyer. We do not want Mr. Thomas who is too sick to go to work and anchor the news to have to burden himself with anymore than he has to.

Thomas has been off the air for over a month, so whatever he's got must be really, really bad. 

Here's hoping that Will Thomas gets better soon and is able to return to his job as the 11PM Anchor at WTTG. The job that he did not lose and is only not doing it because he has been sick for the past month +. 

Here's the letter from his lawyer that was sent to FTVLive.