WOI (Des Moines) devoted 8 minutes of their newscast to a story about a one time star wrestler that was arrested for rape and spent time in prison for that crime.

The WOI story showed little remorse for the victim of the crime and was all about the registered sex offender making his way back to college wrestling.  

It was the cliche story of an athlete that hit rock bottom and was working his way back to the top of his sport. 

Andrew Long was busted after police say that he raped a 55 year old woman. Long says he doesn't remember the incident because he was drunk. He served 9 months in prison for the crime. 

But, this story was about redemption and about how Long was putting his life back together and joining the Grand View University wrestling program.

WOI story glowed about Long and how he was making a comeback in his home state of Iowa. 

Then 24 hours later the station ran another story. This one was less than half as long as the glowing Andrew Long story from the night before. 

Long was kicked off the Grand View University wrestling team for violations of his code of conduct policy.

Long was seen drinking and was kicked off the team.