Pressure on MSNBC's Maddow to Apologize

MSNBC sources are telling FTVLive that there is some internal pressure on Rachel Maddow to offer up and apology for two incidents.

MSNBC staffers say thatMaddow has been facing internal criticism, including from management over two issues. 

#1, NBC news folks were aghast over her hug of the democratic presidential candidates after the Democratic debate. 

#2, NBC News political unit was particularly disturbed at her interview to Playboy where she declared Bernie Sanders "will not be" the democratic nominee.

To render a public judgment mid-campaign, and while moderating democratic debates, is an ethical no no.

Even the ethically challenged MSNBC/NBC bosses have recognized it.  NBC Sources expect Maddow to apologize to various staff internally, if she hasn't already done so.