EXCLUSIVE! Look Which NY Anchor is Interviewing in Chicago Today

This is one that will have tongues wagging for sure. And it's one you will ONLY see on FTVLive.

Sources tell FTVLive EXCLUSIVELY that WNBC Anchor Shiba Russell has been spotted in Chicago and will be interviewing with Fox O&O WFLD later Today.

It appears that Russell is looking to move on from Manhattan, where her once quick rising star has started to fade. 

!b 2011, Russell jumped from WCVB in Boston to WNBC where she was chosen to replace legendary Anchor Sue Simmons, when Simmons stepped down. 

In 2012, Russell replaced Simmons on the 11PM newscast. But then in 2013, WNBC hired Sibila Vargas and she soon replaced Russell on the main newscasts and Russell was knocked down to just the Noon and 5:30PM newscast.

Well, it appears that Russell is ready to explore some new options and Today she is sitting down with WFLD in Chicago.

Interestingly this is all happening on the second day of the Feb book. 

Stay tuned and remember where you read this one FIRST (as always).