Oklahoma Station's Money Grab

Today and tomorrow, KWTV in Oklahoma City is expanding their newscast to one hour.

Is there a big breaking story? No.

Severe weather? Nope.

So why is the station doing it for the next two days? The station is  bumping "The Bold and the Beautiful to sister station KSBI, because there is a ton of campaign dollars being spent ahead of "Super Tuesday" and the campaigns want to buy time during newscasts.

KWTV is expanding their news, not for the viewers, not for more news, but to help line their pockets. It's just a big money grab. 

Of course, the folks in the newsroom that are asked to produce additional news and work more will be compensated heavily for their time.....right?

OK maybe not. 

So, at least you know that when political season rolls around, the candidates aren't the only one selling out for $$$$.

Sometimes it's the TV stations as well.