Unions Not Welcome at Tegna Stations

Before BELO was bought out by Gannett which became TEGNA (you still with me?) they had a program where employees could save money on certain items. 

The YouDecide program let employees save money on Apple products, HP computers, Ford cars, Verizon and other cellphone carrier discounts.

When TEGNA took over the group, the YouDecide program continued as well, but there was a catch. 

If you were in a union, you could not register for the program, or get discounts  on the items. Staffers that were in the union kept trying to sign up for the discounts, but never could get them. One staffer emailed TENGA corporate to ask what was the deal?

He got this email back:

Getting back with you on your issues, I’ve found out since you belong to a union, you are in-eligible to use the YouDecide discounts.

Carol White
Employee Services Representative
TEGNA Employee Service

FTVLive told you that TENGA owned KING-TV in Seattle moved into a new station. While the building is great, finding parking is not that easy. KING told staffers that they would give them a  parking subsidy to offset their costs of having to pay for parking.

Again, it applies to all employees that are NOT in the union. 

Here is a portion of an email sent by Bill Behan, TENGA's Senior VP Labor Relations to a union staffer: 

Concerning the issue of parking at the new Station facility, our positon relative to the employees represented by IATSE is that those who wish to drive to the facility will locate and pay for parking on their own, and that the parking subsidy announced for general non-represented Station employees will not apply to them. The current collective bargaining agreement does not require a parking subsidy for IATSE represented employees, hence the new Station parking subsidy benefit is not automatically applicable to IATSE represented employees. Prior to the move, at the Dexter Avenue location, the Station permitted IATSE represented employees to park in spaces which we owned; that arrangement resulted in no cost or expense to the Station. That is no longer the case. 

Union staffers feel like they are being treated like second class citizens and feel that all of this is being done to bust the unions. 

TEGNA says they care about their employees, but if you are in a union, it sure appears that they care a little less about you.