Pennsylvania Weatherman is M-I-A, Station isn't Talking

It appears that longtime WJAC Weatherman Jim Burton is gone from the station, but WJAC is not saying why?

A number of viewers have been posting to the station's Facebook page asking about the where-a-bouts of Burton? The station has only said, "Jim is no longer with our station. Can't comment on personnel matters, please understand. Thanks."

Burton has been at WJAC for over 17 years, you would think that he deserves some kind of mention as to why he is no longer on the air?

Always get a kick how TV station's promote a talent over and over again, talk about how they are part of the fabric of the community and then when they are bounced, the station, "can't comment on personnel matters".

Here are some of the comments from viewers on WJAC's Facebook page: