Megyn Kelly vs. The Haters

Ever since Donald Trump turned on Megyn Kelly, many of Trump's clones have done the same.

The idiots that can't think for themselves have lashed out at Kelly on social media and other avenues.

But Kelly says she can deal with the hates just fine.

"In my business, everyone is a critic," Kelly writes for Time's new advice website, Motto. "You cannot succeed if you are not willing to accept that not everyone will like you. (If everyone does, you're probably pretty boring.)"

But while she says it's important to keep an occasional eye on what smart people you respect have to say, and that sometimes critics offer valuable lessons, its damaging to wallow in the negativity.

"The more you let negative people get in your head, the more they succeed in cowing you," she writes.

Kelly says it's better to take the energy you would devote to the naysayers and channel it into yourself. "Insist that you do better, choose better, be better," she writes.

A wise friend recently told me: If a bully pokes you with a stick, don't jump. Among other goals, a bully wants to control you. A bully wants some kind of reaction; why provide it? Talk to your spouse, your friends, your mom, or dad. Take a moment for self-pity, even — but just a moment. And then, remember who you are. Remember what defines you — and it is surely not your bully. If outside help can be of assistance in shutting down the problem, go for it. But you? You stay focused on your game. Amidst the rhetorical bullets firing: Head down, shoulders back, forge forward.

H/T Yahoo