NBC Moves Ahead with Plans to Dump WHDH

FTVLive has been telling you how NBC has been looking to pull their affiliation agreement with WHDH.

Many thought that it was just a threat to get WHDH to sell their station to NBC.

Today, NBC took it up another notch, by showing off a new logo for "NBC Boston" at a staff meeting this afternoon at Comcast-owned New England Cable News’ Newton headquarters. 

As expected, NBC announced that the new NBC Boston will air on what is now Telemundo station WNEU.

NBC said it will drop its affiliation with WHDH and the new NBC Boston will hit the air next January. 

In a memo to employees the network said it would create NBC Boston and build out a local news team. 

WHDH owner Ed Ansin, says he is going to fight NBC on this. Back in the 80's NBC pulled its affiliation from Ansin's WSVN in Miami. This is the second time he is getting plucked by the Peacock and he's going to go down swinging.

“We are going to contest it,” Ansin told The Boston Globe. “I have a feeling a year from now we will still be the NBC affiliate. That’s how serious we think the violations are.”

NBC also announced that “NBC Boston” has hired former WHDH chief meteorologist Pete Bouchard and a pair of new reporters. Many expect that WFXT Anchor Maria Stephanos will also be joining the new station as well.  

Stay tuned.....