Why the Iowa Caucus means Next to Nothing (Just don't tell Cable News that)

As the Iowa Caucus gets ready to start, cable news networks are busy falling all over themselves to cover, analyze, debate and main guess what the results will mean.

Let us help you with that. The Iowa Caucus means nothing and let us show you why.

If Donald Trump wins, the cable nets will be creaming themselves to talk about what a huge victory it was for Trump. Same thing if Sanders wins on the democratic side. Although let's be honest all the cable nets coverage will be Trump, Trump, Trump, just like it has been for the last 8 months.

But, let's look back at the history of winners in Iowa.

In 2012, now President Rick Santorum won the Iowa Caucus. Wait....he's not President? He didn't even get the GOP nomination. Oh...our bad. Well maybe Iowa just had a bad year.

Let's go to 2008 when Mike Huckabee won the Iowa Caucus. That win also did not get him the nomination. But, it did help him get a show on Fox News. So there is that.

Some other Caucus winners that you might barely remember. How about Tom Harkin? Richard Gephardt?

In 1980, George Bush beat Ronald Reaganin Iowa. In 1976 Gerald Ford beat Reagan.

As you can see Iowa does not have a good batting average at picking winners.

Yet, none of that will matter when the cable news nets hit the air today and will obsess on Iowa and what the Caucus means?

History shows it doesn't mean Jack.

But don't tell the cable nets, they need something to talk about.