2015 Rewind - Best People in TV News in 2015

We will once again go with one network and one local TV news person to name as the best of 2015.

On the network level, FTVLive chooses a guy that was put in a very difficult situation and handled like a pro and with entire class.

Lester Holt had the job of filling in for Brian Williams after he was suspended for lying about his roles covering stories for NBC.

The network had a black cloud hanging over 30 Rock and Holt stepped in and handled the interim anchor duties like a champ.

Holt held onto the ratings even while NBC News was being pummeled for the actions of their former Anchor.

After it was clear, there was no way Williams could return to the anchor chair with any credibility, the network named Holt the permanent anchor of NBC Nightly News.

Holt took the lead and ran with it. Since being named the man, Holt has topped the evening news ratings. Staffers in the NBC newsroom were happy to have a man as classy as Holt now steering the ship.

Lester Holt showed that for once, nice guys can finish first.

On the local level it was again a tough pick.

We are going to go with an Anchor that works in a major market, anchors the Number 1 newscast in the market and it is not an ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox affiliate.

In fact, it's a CW station.


FTVLive is picking WGN Morning Anchor Robin Baumgarten as our Best TV (local) Person of 2015.

Robin is not your typical Anchor and does not anchor a typical newscast. The WGN Morning News tops the Chicago morning ratings and does it up against the other stations newscasts, the network morning shows and cable news.

The WGN Morning News is more like a crazy morning radio show. The station has fun during the newscast, doing skits that sometimes work and sometimes don't (those are often the best ones) and Robin looks over the crew like a young Mom. She is easy to make laugh, but also isn't afraid to try and reign the guys back in when they go off the rails.

Baumgarten shows that she can take it as well as she can give it. There are not a lot of female Anchors that could work in her role. It's kind of live anchoring the show in the middle of a fraternity party. 

She is able to pull it off and is adored by viewers.

It is not easy for a local news show to take on and beat the big boys, but WGN Morning News does it and does it well.

Robin Baumgarten is a big reason why they do.