Salt Lake Deuce Responds to Report

Yesterday, FTVLive FIRST broke the news that KSL News Director Chris Moore was out at the station and that Assistant News Director Molly Miller had also resigned from the station.

Miller confirmed to FTVLive that she has put in her resignation, but she insist, that her leaving the station is solely her decision. 

"Yes, it's true - I'll be leaving KSL at an (as yet undetermined) date. I've accepted an offer that will allow me to do good work where I live - Park City. This will give me more time with my husband and our new baby," Miller say in an email to FTVLive.

" far as insinuations of pressure from Tanya Vea (KSL GM) go: if I could work for Tanya Vea the rest of my life I would consider myself a lucky person. She is brilliant, fair, thoughtful, consistent, communicative and kind. She is clear with her high expectations and is one of the best managers I've ever seen. I'm so grateful she trusted me with the jump from EP to assistant news director, and I'm confident that I've done my very best for Tanya, for my co-workers and above all- for our viewers." Miller said.

Bottom line, the station is now searching for a new News Director and a new Deuce as the Feb, book gets started.

Now the way you want to go into a book.