Atlanta Anchor Auditioning in Philly Today

Sources tell FTVLive that longtime WGCL Anchor Tracye Hutchins has made a quiet trip to snow covered Philadelphia to interview for a job.

Word is that is in Hutchins in an Philly, shooting a quiet audition for a AM co-anchor position at KYW.  

KYW has been under a revamp of sorts, sinceits Brien Kennedy came in over the summer and then brought in ND Margaret Cronan.

WGCL, on the other hand, appears to be anchor heavy in the evenings, since adding naked anchor Sharon Reed to the staff (FIRST reported by FTVLive).

Hutchins isn’t the first person that’s auditioned at KYW, others have also made the quiet trip to Philly.

So we'll see who wins out, in the meantime, try to keep this on the down-low, no one is supposed to know about this yet.