Come on...Really Dude?!

Look, we all have an airline horror story or two (or 3, 4 and even 5), but sometimes the problem is just not the airlines fault.

NBC Investigative Reporter Jeff Rossen tweeted that he had a flight scheduled for Saturday from LAX to NYC. Problem is NYC is getting hit with the worst snowstorm in history (or something like that).

Delta airlines tweeted back to saying that the flight was still scheduled, but with the weather you just don't know.

Delta surely didn't promise that all systems were go, and unfortunately, Mother Nature has more control than Delta does right now.

Rossen's flight was then cancelled and now he is stuck flying stand by (THE HORROR) and he blames in all on the tweet from Delta.

Shame on Delta for tweeting a customer all the information they had at the time. This is Jeff Fucking Rossen we're talking about here.

Maybe Jeff needs to tweet Mother Nature next time, I think she is much more to blame than Delta.

Just saying....