Tossed in Toledo

First thing yesterday morning, FTVLive broke the story that 7 staffers at WTOL in Toledo were fired from the station for playing the game Cards against Humanity on company time.

After reading the story on FTVLive, the local Toledo paper picked up on the news late yesterday afternoon.

Now that it's been in the newspaper, you can expect that sites like TVNewsCheck and TVSpy (Update: Yep we were right) will finally get around to the story (of course, giving no credit to FTVLive, who broke the news).

As FTVLive FIRST reported, the 7 staffers were playing the game on New Year's Day at the station. Someone at the station snitched and the 7 were all suspended from the Raycom station.

Once Raycom corporate HR got involved, the suspensions turned into firings and employees were escorted from the building.

Because this is the communications business, WTOL declines to comment on the incident. WTOL GM Brian Lorenzen would only say this in a released statement:

“WTOL takes seriously its employment policies and our obligation to provide an environment in which all employees are treated with respect and dignity. As a result, WTOL had to take personnel actions this week related to several employees. Due to personnel matters being involved, we cannot comment further.”

Of the 7 that were sacked, at least 3 appear to be on air talent. Anchor/Reporters Trevor Ault and Ali Bradley (pictured and who's Twitter account has been deleted) and meteorologist Kimberly Newman have not been seen on air since the incident and
it appears that the company has posted their job openings.

We don't know who was tossed in Toledo for sure because, as we said the station isn't talking.

Yes..... a station with a news department that relies on local government and companies to talk about their business, is refusing to talk about their own.

Oh the irony.