Melissa Click's Inbox

You may remember Melissa Click during her 15 minutes of fame, which started with her saying "I need some muscle over here!"

Click was the University of Missouri Communications Professor that was trying to stop a young Photographer from doing his job covering protests at the university.

Needless to say, after the video of her acting like an idiot was seen, she got quite a few emails.

The Chronicle obtained hundreds of email messages sent to Ms. Click's university account after filing a public-records request.

The emails included death threats, scoldings and a number of media requests.

"CNN Tonight With Don Lemon is currently the highest rated show at CNN among young viewers," said the producer, "and we would love to hear from you." wrote one CNN staffer trying to land Click.

"It'd be a chance to clear things up — give your side of the story," wrote the VICE contributor.

"You are all over the news, as you probably know by now," said a Washington Post editor.

Other emails took her to task for her actions:

Sometimes Click would write back.

"I have seen some stuff suggesting people are gunning for Melissa," the professor wrote to Ms. Click and Ms. Basler. "So I wanted to check in and see if you're both OK."

Ms. Click wrote back: "Oh yes, I am getting rape and death threats. I am definitely not OK."

Despite her actions and the emails, somehow Click still has a job. And that alone should have you shaking your head more than anything.