Rolls-Royce Plows into Photog's Home

A Phoenix News Photographer woke up to a brand new Rolls-Royce parked in his yard. Problem was in was in the backyard and it totaled his fence.

Just after 3AM, the Rolls rolled right into KSAZ News Photographer Rob Murphy's fence and into the backyard, just feet from hitting the house.

“I walk up to the window in my living room. I look out the window and there's two headlights in my backyard.

Those headlights belong to a 250,000 dollar Rolls-Royce. After seeing the car, Rob went to his wife and asked her to call 9-1-1.

Murphy grabbed a flashlight and ran outside to see the people trying to get away.

But Rob says the Rolls-Royce was stuck on a cinderblock.

“I come out, shine my flashlight in his face. I say 'Hey man 'you're busted, get out of the car.' He gets out, he comes up to me and he says 'I'll take care of everything as long as you don't call the cops.' And I said 'man I have to call the cops. I'm sorry look at what you did.'

To make sure the cops were on their way, Rob goes back inside. He says he was only gone a few minutes, but when he got back the driver and passengers were gone.

Scottsdale police ended up running the VIN number and found that the vehicle belonged to a dealership.

The crashed caused significant damage when it smashed through a cinder block fence before it slammed into a tree. The car finally came to a stop after destroying a large portion of the brick wall.

"The Rolls-Royce was a 4-door. I was actually surprised that it didn't have more damage on it. I was like man this thing is a tank cause it took the whole concrete wall out like it was feathers.”

Unfortunately, Murphy did not get to keep the car.