Ouch! Chris Christie Disses CNN Hard

Maybe he just wanted a bigger audience, but Gov. Chris Christie juts rubbed CNN's face it, big time. 

The RNC has been circulating 'The Loyalty Pledge' that is basically asking GOP candidates not to run a third party campaign if they don't get the nomination.  

It was basically geared towards Donald Trump but the other candidates have been asked about it. 

Gov. Chris Christie was asked to sign the pledge on CNN early this morning, but he declined.  

New Day Anchor Alisyn Camerota brought up the pledge to Christie and asked if he signed it yet? Christie said he didn’t feel he needed to, but would be happy to formally sign it if necessary.

Camerota offered the New Jersey governor a chance to sign it on air, holding it out to him and saying, “I have a pen.” Christie declined and said, “Not now.”

But, a few hours later, Christie appeared on Fox News with Martha MacCallum and he signed the pledge on FNC. 

That didn't seem to sit well with CNN’s Camerota: