Weatherman Fired by GM over 100 Miles Away

KMIR (Palm Springs) Weather Anchor Geoff Fox got fired by the GM of the station, who was over 100 miles away.

It wasn't that the GM was not at the station, Fox wasn' fact he does the weather each night for KMIR without being within a hundred miles of the station.

Fox has been doing the weather forecasts for station from out of his garage, which is located 105 miles away.

Fox set up a weather studio in his garage in Souther California and started doing weather remotely for stations. He does all the forecasting, maps and switching by himself while standing in his garage. It's quite impressive to say the least. 

Often viewers have no clue that he's not in the same studio as the anchors.

By the end of the year, he will be doing the weather for 4 stations in Nebraska, even though he will be nowhere close to Nebraska when he does it. 

But back to Palm Springs and KMIR. Despite the fact that his remote weather was working just fine, the station got a new GM and according to Fox the GM's biggest weather goal was to have someone “who would visit kindergartens.”

Fox was offered to keep his job, but he had to get out of his garage and move to Palm Springs. Fox declined and is now working his last week at the station. 

"I very much enjoyed working for KMIR. More so, I REALLY love what the Coachella Valley is. It is unlike any other place I’ve worked. An unusual mix of people drawn together. It’s wonderful," Fox said, despite the fact that he doesn't live there. 

Geoff Fox will go down as one of the first people to do entire daily weather forecasts remotely and also one of the first weather Anchors to be fired remotely.

Ahhhhh.... the times are a changing.  

Here is a link to Fox's garage set up