Sports Bra on, Sneakers on...Let's Go!

NBC's Jenna Wolfe wants to get both you and I motivated to workout.

Wolfe posted a video to social media showing, that even in a small hotel room with no gym, you can get a workout in.

Wolfe shows that even at 4:30AM you can do your workout. She says the key is that as soon as you get up, put your sports bra on, your sneakers on and you then ready to take on that workout. Her workout is intense, even in a small hotel room.

FTVLive tried her tip this morning and it seemed to work. But, the sports bra did kind pinch our side a bit.

Here's Jenna's motivation to get you to workout:

My best motivational tip.

Posted by Jenna Wolfe on Friday, September 18, 2015