Houston Reporter Out after Just a Few Months

When, then KMGH Reporter Keli Rabon left the station in April for a job at Houston's KTRK in her hometown, KMGH General Manager Brad Remington expressed “disappointment,” noting, “we’d like to think we made Keli agonize over her decision this week, but ultimately the hometown draw was too much.

Well after just a few months Rabon is out the door at KTRK. 

When she left Denver, Rabon said, “I was having to choose between one family and another family. “In the end, Houston was where I felt like I need to be. Brad moved heaven and earth to try to keep me and I’ve only known him for a month… His dedication to investigations made it so hard.”

Her bio has gone missing from the KTRK website and so far, neither she nor the station is talking. 

Is she headed back to the Mile High City?

Stay tuned....