Conspiracy Nuts say Roanoke TV Shooting was Fake

We watched two people get gun-down on live TV. Then we saw the video again from the shooter's perspective after the dirtbag posted it on social media.

But, there are some idiots that think the entire shooting was faked and that WDBJ Anchor Chris Hurst is just an actor.

Husrt is WDBJ's mani Anchor and was the boyfriend of Alison Parker, who was shot and killed on live television and a ex-empolyee of the station. 

But, The Daily Beast writes that conspiracy theorists think that Hurst is not a news anchor at WDBJ in Virginia. In a YouTube video viewed almost a million times, a nut job claims that Hurst is a “crisis actor" invented less than a month ago by the United States government as part of a false flag operation that will eventually allow the New World Order to take away every American citizen’s guns and force them into a life of subjugation and tyranny.

Hurst had so many strangers’ hate on his Facebook wall that he had to personally delete the haters. Or he’ll Google Alison to find the people he has to thank for donating to her scholarships and he’ll see, instead, another conspiracy theory YouTube video, viewed 800,000 times over, that says Alison was in on it all along, and that she’s been given a new life and maybe plastic surgery by the government.

“It happened again about an hour ago,” Chris says. “It’s hard for me to manage that because I hit land mines when I do. They have all these details I don’t want to know.”

The most recent one says Alison was dating someone else and that she and Chris were never together at all. That person is really Alison’s ex-boyfriend, who conspiracists found by looking through her old Facebook photos.

Chris Hurst spent the last two weeks trying not to cry on television while telling the world how beautiful his life with his girlfriend was before she was murdered for no reason.

Chris was the boyfriend of Alison Parker, who was shot and killed on live television by a former employee of the station.

“The underground footage from the shooter’s perspective—that’s what really sparked my interest into the event,” says Thom, who posted a video on YouTube saying that the shooting was all a hoax. 

Thom says he was one of the first people on YouTube to bring up what he considers to be inconsistencies between Flanagan’s video of the shooting and the one that aired on WDBJ. He says that the shooter points his gun at Parker’s face for over 20 seconds. (This, by the way, is not true.)

“You can count the 23 seconds he stands there with a gun in Alison Parker’s face. That sparked my interest from the get-go. You had that going on,” he says.

Then Thom saw Chris mourn on television and he was convinced: These people are put up to it by the same actors who did the Sandy Hook shooting.

“The reactions didn’t seem genuine to me. The lines seemed scripted. For instance, Chris Hurst would come out and say ‘We’re the cutest, newsiest, prettiest couple ever.’ Of course, he was reading from a photo diary or whatever,” he says. “You look at Chris Hurst, specifically, he would give the same answers to different reporters, word-for-word.”

Thom believes it would be impossible to keep it together after the death of a loved one.

It’s a reaction that Chris finds monstrous. He feels as if he’s being punished for his strength.

“I cried for days, but tried to be strong on TV for her,” he says. “But because I [went on TV] and didn’t break down, now I’m all of a sudden an actor.”

Hurst is still trying to deal with the sudden death of his girlfriend and now he has to deal with these nuts.

You have to feel for the guy.