OK...Something Doesn't Seem Right Here


There is a website for women's beauty tips and it features a story on Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelley.

But, as you start to read the story, something just doesn't seem right.

First off, the site is designed to look like it is part of People magazine. But when you start seeing Kelly's answer to questions, the red flags start going up. 

Read this exchange:

What about family life?

The stress took a toll and eventually started affecting my career and family life. After all the years of living a beautiful life together, I overheard my husband, Doug, say to one his friends… "She's starting to look older than her age… I am thinking about leaving her to be with Nancy… she's amazing… and so much younger looking..." I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I began to ask myself… "how could this be?". "He was no spring chicken himself at 49 years old!" At first I cried, my heart was broken. "How could the man I loved be so shallow?" A couple of days later all of that sadness turned to anger and what I did next changed my life…"

So what did she do? Well according to the site, Kelly says that, "like a gift from above, I was watching the Ellen Show and Diane Keaton revealed Dr. Oz's skin care secret. Dr. Oz had worked with several celebrities over the years and found a series of ingredients that when applied to the face were just as powerful as Botox and had none of the associated risks. I knew this was what I had to do and immediately ordered it…the results after 1 week of use were absolutely shocking…

OK there is no way that Megyn Kelly is saying this crap. Right?

I have a feeling that the Fox News lawyers will be on the phone first thing this morning.

Just saying.... 

H/T Johnny Dollar