Reno Anchor to Face Stalker in Court

KTVN (Reno) Anchor Kristen Remington has a date with her stalker Today,

The trial of a man that is accused of stalking Remington is set to kick off Today in a Reno courtroom. 

The man started by writing a emails to the Anchor, then he showed up at the station.  “My producer said, ‘There’s someone here to see you.’ I searched his name in my email to see if I knew the guy.”

The letter talked about a future and a family with Remington. He talked about falling in love with her.

The station called police and the man was arrested. Charged with stalking and willful/malicious conduct to cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, he pleaded not guilty.

Remington has a restraining order against the man, his criminal trial starts Today. 

Since the incident, Remington wondered if she should leave the career she loves? She says that she has changed her life because she is scared.

She talks about her children less. She took family pictures off her work Facebook page.

She and other women at the station don’t leave the building alone.

She is training with a former Navy Seal who is teaching her close quarters defense tactics, training with a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and carefully listening to advice from a police detective with decades of experience in the stalking unit.

The training has been intense.

“After the Navy Seal teaches you a few things, he puts a hood on your head in a relatively dark room, (then) pulls the hood off and you must quickly evaluate the situation and react.”

She has been choked, faced attackers with weapons and even had to react to normal situations like a man genuinely just asking for directions to a gas station.

“I almost took him down, too,” she said.

She said she doesn’t want to live in fear but is much more aware.

“If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, listen to your gut.”

H/T Reno Gazette Journal