Don't Shoot the Messenger....They Shoot Back (Update)

KAKE in Wichita did not like the fact that someone questioned their "over the top" coverage of some street flooding.

Ken Evans, who works for the City of Wichita, posted to his PERSONAL Facebook page about the stations coverage:

KAKE did not like the fact that Evans bashed their live shot of the flooding and decided to make an entire package out of his sarcastic social media post.

Evans responded to the station with, "I stand by my comments in that context on Facebook, but don't consider my opinions about coverage of the news as "news." I'm not sure why anyone would? My attempt at humor was clearly directed at the live shots themselves not the flash flooding, and included a note about the difficult job reporters do each day. I don't know how it could be viewed any differently, but I am always willing to learn."

Here is the story that KAKE did on the posting:

Update: It appears that after FTVLive posted this story, KAKE has pulled all references to the story from their website. Even the link to "most popular" stories on the right side of their website has the headline, but now links to a different story that is not related.