A No Win Situation

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CNN's Brianna Keilar sat down with Hillary Clinton for her first interview since announcing she was running for President.

By doing so, she put herself in a no win situation, not Clinton mind you, but Keilar.

No matter how she conducted the interview she was going to be criticized from both the right and the left. 

Keilar could have reached over and slapped Clinton in the face and those on the right would have said it wasn't hard enough.

"During a 20-or-so minute interview that — again, as expected — came off as something scripted between the left-wing cable news network and the Clinton campaign, Keilar asked some of the right questions but then allowed Hillary to answer them with soundbites, platitudes, and half-truths." wrote right wing blog Brietbart.com

Politico made Keilar out as a light weight when they wrote, "Clinton sat with CNN’s Brianna Keilar (notably a beat reporter, not one of the network’s anchors who are household names) for her first nationally broadcast interview.

Keilar asked some tough questions, but Clinton only said what she wanted to say. It would have been that way no matter who did the interview.

The CNN interview did not unveil any big news and that comes as no surprise. 

Keilar did a more than adequate job, but she was going to get slammed no matter what happened.

In the world of politics, it's messy for everyone, even the media covering the mess.