Like Rats Off a Sinking Ship?

As ratings for CNN and it's morning show New Day continue to tank, Anchor Chris Cuomo seems to be trying to distance himself the cable net. 

Cuomo went on Twitter and seemed to complain that he wasn't doing as much long form reporting as he was told or expected he would do: 

A spokesperson to Breitbart denied Cuomo was complaining. “That’s not what Chris was expressing,” the spokesperson told us. “He doesn’t have as much time as he likes to do long form because of New Day.  He is currently working on doc on the Pope.”

Cuomo also took to Twitter in the past hour to downplay reports that he's complaining. He responded to a tweet by the website CNN Commentary: 

Whether a happy accident of timing or a pro-active management decision, with “New Day” sliding in the ratings, Cuomo’s extended absence in Argentina covering Pope Francis gives CNN the opportunity to consider the morning dynamic with John Berman sitting in.