Network Pulls Plug on National Newscast

Just days shy of its 3rd year anniversary, Spanish networkMundoFox is no more. The network, now fully owned by Colombia’s RCN Televisión, has switched names to MundoMax.

The network also cancelled “Noticias MundoFox,” the national newscast that aired at 5:30 and 10:30 pm PT/ET, laying off its entire staff.

About 35 news personnel lost their jobs, including anchor Rolando Nichols, the show’s reporters, producers, editors and news management.

According to inside sources, news staffers were told during a meeting yesterday morning that there would be no newscast and they were all being laid off.

A source says the affiliates were given no prior notice about the network name change or the cancellation of the national newscast. 

H/T Media Moves