OK Andy Lack.... No One is Buying That Line

While FTVLive took a brief two days off, Andy Lack decided to do the long expected blowing up of MSNBC.

The cable news network that basically quit covering news is now headed back into news (are you still with me?).

Lack is blowing up the afternoon slot of 3 to 6PM and will replace it with more news. “The Cycle,” "Now with Alex Wagner” and “The Ed Show” will be replaced by straight news. 

Chuck Todd heads back to MSNBC with a show along with his duties on Meet the Press.

Brian Williams will also be part of the new news MSNBC, which by the way may change it's name from MSNBC. 

Lack met with the staff late last week and discussed some of the new plans and also Brian Williams. The NBC boss tried to emphasizing that that BriLie's new position on MSNBC, as anchor for breaking news and special reports, should not be seen as a demotion.

Of course no one in the meeting bought that, no matter how hard Lack was trying to sell it.