TV Reporter Shot with Arrow

While out on a story, TV news crews have been yelled at, spit on, had stuff thrown at them and even shot at. 

WXIX (Cincinnati) Reporter Jody Barr maybe the first to be hit with an arrow.

Barr says that he was shooting video for a news story was struck in the leg with a compound arrow. (The station called this as a "compound arrow" which there is no such thing. There is a compound bow which shoots an arrow)

Barr was on assignment when he noticed a man carrying a bow.

"I walked by them and I shouldn't have turned my back," Barr said. "I broke my own rule for when I'm out on the job, but it was broad daylight."

Barr said he heard the familiar "ping" sound made by a bow in action. He turned to see the compound arrow ricochet into his leg.

Police said 27-year-old Daniel Fisher of Westwood shot the compound arrow that ricocheted off the ground and struck  Barr, according to Cincinnati police arrest records.

Fisher is facing an assault charge related to an incident.

Fisher fled on foot and changed clothes, police said in the incident report.

Barr reported the incident immediately, he said, and officials later apprehended Fisher using visuals Barr provided.

Barr said he was not seriously injured.