Getting it Real, But Not Getting it Right

If you are reading Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson's new book, 'Getting Real', here is a bit of a head scratcher.

On Page 169, Carlson says she was paired to co-anchor at WOIO (Cleveland) with Steve Coleman. 

Here's the problem: there never was a Steve Coleman at WOIO or its sister station WUAB.  Gretchen's co-anchor on the weekend was Dave Barker from Los Angeles. There was a Carey Coleman who did weather after Gretchen had been there a couple of years, but no Steve Coleman.

There was a Steve Coleman that worked at WRIC in Richmond, a station that Carlson also worked out. But there was no Steve Coleman at WOIO as Carlson claims in her book. 

While Carlson is getting it real, she is not exactly getting it right.

Just saying....