Crossing the Street in Houston?

Angela Chen doesn't stick around TV jobs very long.

Chen was hired at KTRK in Houston as a Reporter late last year and she is already leaving the station.

Mike McGuff says that the rumor is that Chen will jump to KRIV across the street. 

Chen did not even last a year at KTRK. But, if you look at her resume, you will see that shorts stays are common for her. 

Before Houston, Chen was at KOLO in Reno for 1 year. She was at XETV in Sand Diego for 10 months before that.

Before San Diego, Chen worked at KBAK in Bakersfield for 10 months. She was also at KUSI for 1 year and the News 12 Networks on the East Coast for less than a year. 

She might be one of those TV Reporters that has United Van Lines on speed dial.