CNN Continues to Sellout

CNN isn't content on just airing advertisers commercials and plugging products for cash.

Now the one time cable news network is going to start producing the ads and make them look like news. 

The Wall Street Journal says that about a dozen staffers (made up of journalists, filmmakers and designers) will help launch the new unit, called Courageous. Here's a thought, if you're doing commercial spots, you are no longer a Journalist. 

The division will fashion and distribute “branded content” across CNN’s fleet of properties, from TV to the Web and newer platforms like Snapchat.

“This isn’t about confusing editorial with advertising,” said Dan Riess, executive vice president of integrated marketing and branded content at Turner. “This is about telling advertisers’ stories — telling similar stories but clearly labeling that and differentiating that.”

Mr. Riess said CNN’s trustworthiness when it comes to news was part of the reason Courageous would be attractive to advertisers.

At that point he had to stop talking and go find some water to put out his pants which suddenly caught fire.